How Hormones Can Fight Fat

At first glance, like every other person in the world, I did not believe it either, however, when you get into detail with this technique, you will realize that you can burn your excess fat using your hormones without taking a single drug like those found at 4rx. It’s actually the same principal that fuels pharmacy diet products, but on a more natural and healthy level.

How exactly do hormones fight fat?

First of all, it’s not all hormones, but the ones that are specific to the process of digesting your food. Hormones like Insulin, Leptin, Cortisol and Serotonin all play a major part in the way that our bodies process and absorb certain substances, as well as our metabolic rate. Each and every pharmacy in the world sells at least one drug that can play with these hormones, however the way in which they act is out of your control in this scenario, and even though you might think of altering the intake of certain foods to balance it out, the drug that adjusts the hormone levels will remain in action regardless.


In order to fight fat without using a single drug, but using the full potential of your hormones is by watching what you eat. First of all, look at your daily diet and see what foods you eat regularly. The foods that you eat in excess are the ones that are causing you to gain fat, therefore you have to manipulate the hormone that processes those specific foods in order to boost your metabolic rate and make sure that the body burns those foods without any effort or trip to the pharmacy.

An example of hormonal dieting

Take Insulin It may take some expenses but it is good for example. Insulin is the hormone that regulates the levels of blood sugar present in our bodies. In order to trigger big amounts of insulin, no offense to diabetics, you have to eat and drink a lot of sugars and carbs. Think of pasta, soda, bread, sweets, all these things that find their way in our diets without us knowing. They all cause our bodies to release insulin into the blood stream, regulating the sugar levels. This breaks the sugars down and stores them as fat all over our bodies. The trick with Insulin is to trick your body into thinking that it takes in a lot of carbs and sugars, and the best way to do that, besides drugs and substances, is to find the meals that make your Insulin levels spike and either cut them out completely or space them apart from a time perspective.

By doing so, your body will keep shooting insulin on a regular basis, until it adapts to the dietary change, causing it to burn the fat that is already stored up. The same principal applies to all hormones that affect our digestion process, but with different foods. It’s just a matter of finding and balancing out the spikes that cause our bodies to release these hormones.

Do be careful and consult your doctor prior to taking on this dieting style, because it really stresses your body, and the last thing that you want is to wind up depending on a pharmacy and a drug to keep you healthy.