10 Weird Things Sugar’s Doing to Your Body

We all like sugar, it’s sweet and it gives us warm feelings inside, however there is a bad side to this tasty treat, making it a little more dangerous for our health and landing us face to face with a doctor after a long period of time. We took the liberty of compiling a list of things that sugar does to our bodies, that we generally have no idea about.

  1. It causes Diabetes

    This is probably one of the most renown effects of sugar on the human body, and what it does is basically weaken your body with the amount of sugar present in the blood stream, shutting down the production of insulin and placing you firmly face to face with a doctor that will set you up with a lifetime of treatments.

  2. It causes bad oral hygiene

    Remember when your parents said that sugar rots your teeth? Studies have shown that prolonged excessive consumption of sugar leads to destructive cases of tooth decay and various other diseases that affect your teeth.

  3. It causes you to become addicted to it

    Sugar is one of the most powerful drug on earth. Believe it or not, long consumption of sugar causes the body to crave it, and the person to go on a “sugar rampage”.

  4. It damages the blood vessels

    High levels of blood sugar cause the blood vessels to stiffen, and when they become really stiff, they can break as a result of the movements that you make.

  5. It fattens the organs

    Sugar requires insulin in order to be broken down at a molecular level. After it is broken down, the body uses what it needs, and stores the rest as fat, and as every living doctor will tell you, sugar fat is stored directly on the organs, causing them to be fat and inefficient.

  6. Sugar leads to depression

    It’s ironic when you think about it, but when we are sad, we take comfort in that sweet drug that we call sugar. For a short period of time, everything is fine and we are able to keep a smile on our faces, however after the sugar high is over, we find ourselves even sadder than before.3040709778_fb949b97ee_b

  7. Sugar affects your energy levels

    This is the effect that annoys every doctor that has to work with a kid. Sugar makes us hyperactive, and when the sugar high is over, we are left exhausted, like we ran 2 marathons at once in opposite directions.

  8. Sugar messes with your blood pressure

    Too much sugar consumption, and let’s say you dodge diabetes and you don’t get fat, but what you will get is a big case of dizziness and a splitting headache every morning. That’s because your body is feeling the effects of low blood pressure and it needs sugar in order to stabilize.

  9. Sugar makes your heart skip a beat

    We as humans are hotwired to jump out of our shoes when startled, and sugar messes with our senses, causing us to scare more easily and become sensible to creepy situations which would otherwise leave us cold and bored.

  10. Sugar causes strokes

    I bet you did not see that one coming, but combine all the elements above and you get the recipe for a massive stroke just waiting to happen, and make no mistake about it, excessive consumption of sugar is bad for you, and when you least expect it, this drug will backlash like a beast at you.


How Hormones Can Fight Fat

At first glance, like every other person in the world, I did not believe it either, however, when you get into detail with this technique, you will realize that you can burn your excess fat using your hormones without taking a single drug like those found at 4rx. It’s actually the same principal that fuels pharmacy diet products, but on a more natural and healthy level.

How exactly do hormones fight fat?

First of all, it’s not all hormones, but the ones that are specific to the process of digesting your food. Hormones like Insulin, Leptin, Cortisol and Serotonin all play a major part in the way that our bodies process and absorb certain substances, as well as our metabolic rate. Each and every pharmacy in the world sells at least one drug that can play with these hormones, however the way in which they act is out of your control in this scenario, and even though you might think of altering the intake of certain foods to balance it out, the drug that adjusts the hormone levels will remain in action regardless.


In order to fight fat without using a single drug, but using the full potential of your hormones is by watching what you eat. First of all, look at your daily diet and see what foods you eat regularly. The foods that you eat in excess are the ones that are causing you to gain fat, therefore you have to manipulate the hormone that processes those specific foods in order to boost your metabolic rate and make sure that the body burns those foods without any effort or trip to the pharmacy.

An example of hormonal dieting

Take Insulin It may take some expenses but it is good for example. Insulin is the hormone that regulates the levels of blood sugar present in our bodies. In order to trigger big amounts of insulin, no offense to diabetics, you have to eat and drink a lot of sugars and carbs. Think of pasta, soda, bread, sweets, all these things that find their way in our diets without us knowing. They all cause our bodies to release insulin into the blood stream, regulating the sugar levels. This breaks the sugars down and stores them as fat all over our bodies. The trick with Insulin is to trick your body into thinking that it takes in a lot of carbs and sugars, and the best way to do that, besides drugs and substances, is to find the meals that make your Insulin levels spike and either cut them out completely or space them apart from a time perspective.

By doing so, your body will keep shooting insulin on a regular basis, until it adapts to the dietary change, causing it to burn the fat that is already stored up. The same principal applies to all hormones that affect our digestion process, but with different foods. It’s just a matter of finding and balancing out the spikes that cause our bodies to release these hormones.

Do be careful and consult your doctor prior to taking on this dieting style, because it really stresses your body, and the last thing that you want is to wind up depending on a pharmacy and a drug to keep you healthy.

What is Health Care Reform?

A health care reform usually leads both a doctor and a patient to think about a drastic rethink or an overhaul of the entire medical system. It goes without saying that these changes are designed to solve at least a portion of the problems that are plaguing the system at the time of the reform, and sometimes things don’t really pan out the way that they should as described at WebMedTalk. There have been many reforms in the medical sector over the years, however none was as drastic, as controversial or as amply discussed as Obama Care.

Obama Care, the reform that brought the health system to its knees.

The basic idea behind Obama Care is simple. Make healthcare affordable for the masses and get rid of some of the harsh terms and conditions that health insurance comes with. That is a good thing if you think about it, because until Obama Care, things were a little shaken to say the least.

First off, if you were a woman, you would actually be paying more for your insurance than a man, and if you made a mistake somewhere along the line, you could be sent home in the middle of your medical treatment, and an average doctor could easily make you not only dish out the money for your treatments yourself, but also cover all the medical expenses out of your own pocket as a result of that.


Getting rid of that is a good thing, the bad thing is when you look at what is needed in order to do so. First of all, the government actually took over a big chunk of the expenses, meaning that people could also apply for treatment even though there was no need for it, and so the hospitals found themselves in a precarious situation, overcrowded and understaffed, not to mention the fact that the insurance premiums suddenly went down, meaning that the expenses were not actually being correctly covered, leaving a lot of doctors and members of health administration boards from all over the country in a very difficult situation.

The aftermath of Obama Care health reform.

In a short amount of time after this reform, the United States government found itself paying more and more money in order to cover the growing number of insurance policies that they were covering. Indeed, the medical sector is among the most expensive ones out there, and rightfully so, it takes a lot of time and a lot of resources to train a person and educate him or her in order to make sure that they will activate at optimum efficiency in the medical field, therefore the costs have risen and the sums that were being paid have increased, leaving the federal reserve in a more or less fragile state.

Like most reform ideas, they sound great on paper, however things can go out of control rather quickly when they are put into action, and when it comes to covering doctor fees and health insurance, it is best to test it out thoroughly and limit the reform rather than implement it straight away.